Can you wear Birkenstocks in rain? 5 easy ways to waterproof your shoes

Can you wear Birkenstocks in rain?


If you are a lucky owner of one of the most comfortable Birkenstock shoes, you probably wonder whether it is safe to wear them during rainy weather. Do they get wet or are they waterproof? Can you wear Birkenstock sandals to the beach? Can you wear Birkenstocks in rain? All the questions will be answered in our article below.

Can Birkenstock shoes get wet or not?

If you wear Birkenstocks you should know that they can get wet.

They aren’t water-resistant and when get immersed in water, the suede leather of the Birkenstock shoes gets wet in just seconds.

That can be quite frustrating, but you shouldn’t panic.

Wet Birkenstocks air dry quickly if you put them under direct sunlight. There are also a few ways you can use to waterproof Birkenstocks.

Are Birkenstocks Waterproof?

Wearing Birkenstocks in wet conditions or moist environment will affect them, as the cork footbed tends to soak in water. The suede leather becomes wet if it gets touched by water.

The best solution to protect your Birkenstocks shoes is to avoid wearing them if you know the weather report, and it is going to rain.

Not all Birkenstocks shoes are waterproof. But some models with leather Birkenstock midsoles tend to get wet faster. If you have made Birkenstocks wet, place them to air dry as soon as you can. Direct sunlight will help as well.

The material shows water resistance, making these Birkenstocks waterproof.

Some models have EVA foam outsoles. Even though EVA foam outsoles will withstand the touch of water, it is still not recommended to be worn in the rain.

If you don’t want to give up wearing the shoes in a moist environment, there are a few options to make the Birkenstocks waterproof. We recommend purchasing a Birkenstock care kit as well.

Can you wear Birkenstocks in rain? What happens when Birkenstocks get wet?

When wearing Birkenstocks they get wet, you will notice that instantaneously. The shoes will become heavier because of the amount of water they are going to absorb.

The cork footbed can get wet as well if you keep wearing shoes in the rain for a long time. It can even cause the deformation of Birkenstocks.

How to waterproof Birkenstocks?

Even though Birkenstocks aren’t designed to be water shoes and aren’t fully waterproof, there are options to make them water-resistant.

1. Using a wax-based polish

Waxing your shoes will make Birkenstocks waterproof. Just put some wax polishing onto the cork sole, and it won’t absorb water as before, making the Birkenstocks waterproof.

Waxing the cork sole will also fill in all the tiny holes and cuts that aren’t visible, improving the water-resistant properties.

2. Using beeswax and a hair dryer

Applying the beeswax onto the cork material of your Birkenstock sandals and then drying it with a hair drier will form a waterproof layer. That in turn will not allow them to absorb water.

3. Using the mixture of baking soda, detergent, and cold water

You have to put everything into a container and stir properly until the substance is thick. After it has been mixed, use some brush with soft bristles and rub the substance into your shoes. It will act as a cork sealant. Wipe the mixture off the shoes using a soft cotton cloth.

Put the shoes aside and give them time to dry. The mixture will make your Birkenstocks waterproof and this property will last for quite some time. Then you will have to reapply it again to continue wearing Birkenstocks on a rainy day.

4. Using mink oil

You should be extra careful if you want to use this option, as it can cause damage to your shoes if applied incorrectly. Test the mink oil first before applying it all over the shoes. Choose the spot that is not seen and rub the oil in to see whether it is going to affect the color of the shoe or not.

If nothing has happened, it is safe to apply this type of cork sealant all over the sandals to get waterproof Birkenstocks.

5. Using a cork sealer

We recommend purchasing a cork sealer to waterproof Birkenstocks, so you don’t have to worry about the weather. A cork sealer acts as some sort of barrier between the shoes and water.

Apply cork sealer directly onto your shoes to stop the water from reaching the Birkenstock midsoles. You might want to repeat the process to make the shoes more water-resistant.

Is it possible to fix Birkenstocks if they get wet?

What should you do if you didn’t get a chance to make your Birkenstocks waterproof and they did get wet? Don’t get upset, there is a way to fix them.

  1. Purchase a Birkenstocks cleaner kit.
  2. Start with cleaning the shoes first. You have to get rid of all the stains on your shoes using a Birkenstocks cleaner.
  3. Clean the shoes with cold water and some soap. Rub the stains with a soft cotton cloth.
  4. Keep them in fresh air to allow the Birkenstocks to dry. Excessive heat should be avoided at all costs as it can damage the shoes.
  5. Once you have cleaned the shoes, use a stain repellent to protect your footwear.

How long will Birkenstocks last if they get wet?

Birkenstock can last quite a while, but they aren’t waterproof. If you want to extend their life period, try to keep the shoes away from water.

Even if your Birkenstocks get worn in a moist environment, as long as you take care of them and dry them in fresh air after they get wet, they will last a few years.

Will Birkenstocks stink after being wet?

As Birkenstocks aren’t waterproofed, if you make them wet and leave them without any care, they will eventually start stinking. In some cases, there can be mold forming, resulting in a bad odor.

To prevent water from coming into the shoes, you can try to make Birkenstocks waterproof, using the option described above,

If your Birkenstoks have developed a bad smell, you can try to clean them.

Consider using baking soda, a special cleaner, or some rubbing alcohol. After the shoes have been cleaned, leave them under the sun.

It is easier to prevent your new pair of Birkenstocks from smelling bad. Just don’t wear them when the weather is rainy. And if you do expose Birkenstocks to water, act fast to take care of them to avoid further deterioration.

Can you wear Birkenstocks to the beach? Can you wear Birkenstocks in rain?

Birkenstocks are perfect sandals for wearing to the beach. We would recommend wearing the ones that have some water resistance and foam soles to walk on different surfaces.

Before heading to the beach, you will have to make Birkenstocks waterproof. Even if you aren’t going to be standing near the water, it is best to prepare for any situation and protect your Birkenstocks.

Look at the options for waterproofing above. You will have to use a cork sealant to keep Birkenstocks dry.

If they do get wet, remember to clean them after the beach to remove sand as well, and dry them in the sun.

Can Birkenstocks be worn to the shower?

You can’t wear Birkenstocks to the shower as they will get soaking wet. Even if you attempt to make them somewhat waterproof, it won’t fully protect them. They can get damaged and torn. Wet Birkenstocks also will develop a bad smell that will be difficult to get rid of.

FAQs: Can you wear Birkenstocks in rain?

Is it OK to wear Birkenstocks in the rain?

If you have happened to get in the rain, don’t panic. Nothing major will happen to your Birkenstocks from just wearing them in the rain once. If you keep doing that over and over again will cause your Birkenstocks to be damaged, and you won’t be able to wear them any longer.

Do Birkenstocks get ruined if wet?

Birkenstocks can get ruined if you make them wet. Extensive use during rainy weather will damage Birkenstocks severely. It can also be aggravated if you don’t take care of them afterward.
Wet Birkenstock footwear always has to be cleaned first and then dry thoroughly under the sunlight to avoid bad odors from appearing.

Why can’t Birkenstocks get wet?

They can get wet unless you have made them waterproof. There are a few methods to make Birkenstocks withstand water. In this case, they will get some water resistance and can be worn in wet conditions.

How do you protect Birkenstocks from rain?

Usually, you use a cork sealant. You apply it all over the shoe and dry it out. After that, you can call your Birkenstocks waterproof.

To summarize: Can you wear Birkenstocks in rain?

Birkenstocks are popular comfortable footwear that many people love. They are perfect for wearing to the beach, but they aren’t waterproof. You should avoid wearing Birkenstocks in wet weather conditions.

Even though there are a few ways that can help you to make them waterproof, so they can withstand the light touch of water, full immersion will lead to damaging Birkenstocks.

If the article was helpful, and you were able to make your Birkenstocks waterproof, please share this information with your friends. If you still have any questions left, write them in the comment section below.


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