I am Rory Jade, founder of Foot Wisdom, a website dedicated to providing the latest in shoe trends. I love shoes and have been obsessed with them for as long as I can remember.

When it comes to fashion, what you wear tells a lot about who and how you are. So why not choose your shoes carefully? Your footwear choice will give insight into everything from the size of our brains all the way down – because feet have any responsibilities just as much as arms do!

Why Shoes Put Impact on Your Personality?

Shoes don’t make the man, but they reflect a person’s personality. And we know that prejudices and popular psychology are just as important to discuss in today’s research-driven society as they were back when people used their feet instead of computers for every major decision!

Shoes have been around since at least 450 BC – one origin theory suggests Egyptians wore them because it helped protect against sandals puncturing flesh during walking over hot surfaces like cobblestone streets; another says Romans developed pointy heels so soldiers could march faster without heel catching on terrain.

Our Team

Foot Wisdom was founded by Rory Jade. Rory studied fashion design. In the past, he has designed shoes and clothes for famous brands. As a researcher and reviewer, now he wants to serve the online community.

As a research writer and shoe designer, Paula Maureen has collaborated with famous shoe brands and designed popular women’s sandals. As a proofreader, she contributes to foot wisdom.

Debra Paul makes insoles in his hometown. His job is to examine the quality of shoes and insoles. Debra Paul has worked with prestigious US brands as a quality tester and design expert.

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