Best Insoles For Overpronation in 2023

Best Insoles For Overpronation


What is the Best Insoles For Overpronation? Overpronation, albeit relatively harmless initially, can develop into something painful, if not treated timely. Along with the required treatment, it is recommended to use specifically-designed insoles to help feet stay in a natural position.

Inserts with high arch support and heel cradle wrap the feet securely and give more support to ensure a healthy gait.

Most overpronators have difficulty finding the right pair of insoles, not knowing where to look, and what to consider.

Before heading to some of the quality insoles available in the market, get to know about overpronation first.

What is Overpronation?

This common foot condition occurs when the ankle rolls too far downward and inward with each step. Eventually, it causes the arches to flatten more, increasing the risk of injury.

Uneven pressure distribution on the big toe and the inside of your foot can lead to pain and a number of secondary foot conditions.

Further, it is not symptomatic initially, the condition worsens when not treated for a prolonged period of time.

Combined with treatment, insoles also help against overpronation by limiting the inward movement. They support the insoles from underneath to stabilize and align the ankle bone.

Plus, orthotics redistributes the pressure to keep the ankle neutrally aligned and remove the excess strain.

Best Insoles For Overpronation

1. High Arch Support Insoles For Overpronation

Best Insoles For Overpronation

These high arch support shoe inserts by FitFeet offer stable support and disperse pressure. It evenly distributes foot pressure, reduces fatigue, and relieves pain. Moreover, it is helpful for flat feet, plantar fasciitis, unstable ankles, unsteady pronation, over-pronation, and sore feet.

Corrects Overpronation – Arch support and deep heel cup wrap around the foot to maximize stability. A structured heel cradle helps in restoring the normal alignment and keeps the foot in the right place.

High Arch – 35mm arch distributes the load evenly to relieve pain and reduces friction.

Material – Made from firm EVA material that is best known for its wear resistance, breathability, shock absorption, and sweat-wicking properties.

Comfort – The ergonomic design provides the perfect wrapping for better control, comfort, and balance.


  • Corrects multiple foot issues including
  • Offers biomechanical alignment to prevent overpronation
  • Easily movable from shoe to shoe
  • Superior quality EVA material
  • Enhanced arch support and deep heel cup


  • The rough edge of the insert

2. RooRuns 3/4 Orthotic Shoe Inserts

Best Insoles For Overpronation

The professional and ergonomic design of these shoe insoles lets you enjoy free walking to effectively relieve foot pain.

A High arch provides better support and improves balance. This all-around shoe insert is helpful against many foot issues. Additionally, it fits athletic, dress, casual, and work shoes easily.

Design – Extra arch support and deep heel cups help align your feet with the ankle, knee, and hips to help quick relief from overpronation and supination.

Support – 3cm arch offers stability and improves the alignment of the foot. Moreover, it reduces stress on your feet, ankle, and knee.

Material – Made from top-grade EVA material with comfortable latex and shock-absorbing pads to offer comfort throughout the day.

Application – It helps treat many foot problems like flat feet, high arch, plantar fasciitis, arch and heel pain, arthritis, knee pain, overpronation, low back pain, and supination.


  • Fit for everyday use
  • Extra cushioning pads for shock absorption
  • Metatarsal pad to alleviate forefoot pain
  • Structured to counter overpronation


  • Moderately rigid

3. PCSsole 3/4 Orthotics Shoe Insoles

Best Insoles For Overpronation

The strong support provided by these insoles aims to relieve pain caused by overpronation, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and fallen arches.

Plus, it fits nearly all types of shoes and is perfect for long-standing work. Anti-slip, shock-absorbing design with maximum support improves walking posture instantly.

Material – Made from lightweight EVA with three-point force support absorbs the impact of each step and alleviates the fascial traction.

Arch Support – 3.5cm sturdy high arch support provides better foot pain relief than softer ones. Moderate stretch and elasticity of the foot arch provide anatomical support and enhance stability.

Pain Relief – The rigid arch support and deep U heel cup relieve the symptoms of flat feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, high arch, overpronation, fallen arch, and heel pain.

Easy to Change – Thanks to professional design and anti-slip build, it fits comfortably in all types of shoes.


  • Made from lightweight, rigid EVA
  • Firm yet comfortable
  • Improves alignment
  • Corrects overpronation and supination


  • Tend to slide around

4. Popzoom Arch Support Insoles For Overpronation

Best Insoles For Overpronation

These arch support insoles are designed for everyday use while walking, hiking, or working. It supports heavier individuals with over 200 pounds, alleviating pain with every step.

It is structured ergonomically to restore normal foot function and ensures equal load distribution.

Overpronation Correction – U-shaped heel cup and ergonomic arch support realign the foot and ankle bone to their normal position to prevent overpronation.

Deep Heel Cup – Deep heel cup wraps around the heel and keeps the foot bone vertically for improving alignment and reducing foot pressure.

Foot Pain Relief – Ergonomic design alleviates pain from the heel, midfoot, and forefoot strike. It also helps against flat feet, overpronation, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, and other foot issues.

Arch Support – 3.5cm TPU arch support reduces the strain on plantar fascia ligaments. It also keeps the foot perfectly balanced for improving realignment.


  • Made from PU gel and foam
  • Biomechanical arch support and deep heel cup
  • Forefoot gel cushioning
  • Breathable and soft material


  • Not the softest insert

5. CoSoTower Orthotic Inserts Arch Support Insoles

Best Insoles For Overpronation

Last but not least, this insert will bring desired results within a week of use. Many podiatrists recommend wearing these insoles to feel real pain relief.

It alleviates pain associated with over-pronation, plantar fasciitis, foot, arch, ankle, knee and heel, and more.

Material – Made from double-layer, shock-absorbing durable EVA foam base for maximum shock absorption and comfort. This breathable top fabric reduces heat and friction.

Improved Alignment – Besides providing arch support, it also promotes the alignment of the ankle bone. It improves foot function and relieves pain caused by overpronation.

Arch Support – Firmer arch and squared heel design supports arches and enhances stability while walking, running, and hiking.

Everyday Use – Designed for everyday use, start by wearing a few hours a day. It can easily fit running shoes, work shoes, boots, dress shoes, and hiking shoes.


  • Fit most of the footwear
  • Variable cushioning technology for comfort
  • Prevents overpronation
  • Corrects foot positioning


  • Thick heel

How to Pick Right Insoles For Overpronation?

Not every insole is the best pick for overpronating feet, they are specifically designed to correct the structure of feet. Here’s what you need to consider when buying overpronation inserts.

Best Insoles For Overpronation: Arch Support

For an overpronator, It is essential to have an insole with high arch support to prevent overpronation.

In addition, it enhances stability, evenly distributes pressure, and supports the inner foot arch.

Most importantly, you should match your insoles to your arch type to avoid painful arches and potential injury.

Plus, inserts come with rigid, semi-rigid, or cushioned arch support. So, be mindful when choosing the right arch and footbed type.

Best Insoles For Overpronation: Heel Cup

A deep, U-shaped heel cup limits the misalignment of the foot to prevent complications and deformity.

It restores normal foot function by aligning the foot and ankle bone as well as restricting the forward movement of the heel.

These inserts wrap and cushion the foot to relieve pain caused by overpronation and other foot conditions.

Best Insoles For Overpronation: Material

Mostly, insoles are made from foam, gel, cork, leather, wool, plastazote, and EVA. Each material has its own pros and cons, therefore, it is hard to choose a winner.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preferences, the kind of feel and support you are after. For instance, foam and gel provide responsive cushioning whereas EVA offers shock absorption.

Best Insoles For Overpronation: Sizing

Sizing is pretty as they need to comfortably fit the shoes after all. For most insoles, they can be trimmed down to fit the shoes. Mostly, ¾-length insoles are preferred as they can be placed inside the shoe without removing the liner of the shoe.

FAQs: Best Insoles For Overpronation

What is the best insole for overpronation?

The best insole for overpronation should provide exceptional arch support and motion control. Orthotic insoles with firm arch support and features like deep heel cups and metatarsal pads are often recommended to help alleviate the effects of overpronation and reduce the risk of injuries.

Do insoles work for overpronation?

Yes, insoles can be effective in addressing overpronation by providing additional support and stability to the feet. Insoles designed for overpronation often help control excessive foot rolling and can alleviate associated discomfort and reduce the risk of injuries.

How do I correct overpronation?

Correcting overpronation typically involves wearing proper footwear with supportive insoles designed to counteract the excessive inward rolling of the feet. Additionally, exercises and stretches to strengthen the foot and ankle muscles may be beneficial, and consulting a podiatrist or orthopedic specialist for custom orthotics or other recommendations is advisable for severe cases.

Does overpronation need arch support?

Yes, arch support is often a key component in addressing overpronation. Overpronation involves excessive inward rolling of the feet, and arch support in the form of orthotic insoles or supportive footwear can help control this motion, reducing strain on the arch and minimizing the risk of associated problems like flat feet and plantar fasciitis.

Conclusion: Best Insoles For Overpronation

What is the Best Insoles For Overpronation? As crucial as insoles are in correcting the overpronation, it is not easy finding the right pair of insoles. To clarify, proper footwear alone is often not enough to correct overpronation. Medical treatment in conjunction with the right insoles limits the inward roll of your ankles and feet.

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