Best socks for Birkenstocks: 10 stylish options for women

Best socks for Birkenstocks


Best socks for Birkenstocks… With constantly changing weather, many of you question whether you can wear socks with Birkenstocks to keep your feet warm. We are happy to tell you that Birkenstock socks are the perfect accessory for cold days. They are also at the pick of the fashion and will help complete any outfit ideas.

In this review, we will suggest a few socks options that will help you to look stylish, cozy, and warm at the same time despite the weather outside.

1. Slug socks. Best socks for Birkenstocks

Quick details:

  • Soft and breathable
  • Warm due to the high content of wool
  • Variety of colors and prints

Birkenstock sandals can be wearied with different styles of socks.

The hiking type of Birkenstock socks will suit the most, though. They will definitely keep your feet dry and warm on those cold days of winter.

Due to the high content of cotton, these Birkenstock socks will be a pleasure to wear. They won’t be uncomfortable and won’t cause any itchy sensation while hiking. The variety of colors will allow you to create the look you want. There are five pairs in a pack, so you can change socks to suit your style.

2. Crew socks. Best socks for Birkenstocks

Quick details:

  • A high content of cotton
  • Perfect fit
  • Extra durable

Ankle socks can be worn with any type of shoes, including Birkenstock Boston clogs. They will complete your casual look.

Wear them with boots and jeans when you want to be comfortable.

You can either pull them all the way up or wear them scrunched.

White crew socks are the perfect accessory to any style outfit you choose. You can add an extra natural touch by picking crew socks from famous brands.

3. Slouch socks. Best socks for Birkenstocks

Quick details:

  • Pull On closure
  • Machine washable
  • 6 pairs in a pack

These Birkenstock socks have a cozy look due to the slouch. They are made primarily of cotton, bringing comfort to your toes. A different way of wearing them allows you to complete different looks. They can be pulled up to your knee or scrunched down to your ankle.

The pack comes with 6 different color socks. You will be able to dress trendy for any occasion, whether it is official or casual. Wearing slouchy socks with sandals is the latest fashion trend, following which you will get a unique style.

4. Matching to your Birks socks. Best socks for Birkenstocks

Quick details:

  • Pure cotton content
  • Thin and soft material
  • Seamless toe comfort

Match the socks with your Birks clogs if you want a perfect accessory to your style. White cotton socks on white Birks, black socks on black Birks. These Birkenstock socks a super comfortable due to the premium cotton used. Matching the colors will make you look trendy from head to toe.

Wearing these socks with boots will bring comfort as the material is breathable and the elastic in the cuff suits most ankle sizes. They will stay in place the whole day, so you don’t have to worry about them falling. The socks are quite versatile and will look great with any type of style you choose for the occasion.

5. Socks with stripes

Quick details:

  • Premium cotton
  • AquaFX moisture control
  • Durability

The pair of striped socks are also a perfect accessory to your sandals. Can be worn scrunched or pulled up, depending on your mood. Choose bright colors or match the socks to your sandals. The stripes can vary as well. They can be present at the top of the socks only, or they can extend for the whole sock, depending on the model.

The AquaFX moisture control will keep your toe dry during hot days in summer. Cushioned soles of these socks provide perfect fit and extra comfort while wearing them. The pair of these socks are suitable for any type of Birks sandals or boots.

6. Frilly socks. Best socks for Birkenstocks

Quick details:

  • High content of combed cotton
  • Perfect for a special occasion
  • Lace ruffle ankle to surprise

The variety of cute frilly socks on sale on the Internet is vast. Wearing this type of socks can be so much fun. You definitely will get comments on your unique look. This pair of socks are perfect to wear with sandals for a special occasion.

The ankle elastic is soft but won’t let the socks fall. Different colors allow you to match them with any type of sandals or boots. The material is comfortable to the skin, which is important as well if you intend to be out for the whole day. We suggest you buy at least a two-pack of socks to change the style when you want to.

7. Socks with patterns

Quick details:

  • Stretchy soft fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Multicolor for more styles

The socks add some interest to your Birkenstock boots or sandals. You can choose bright prints or geometrical patterns. It all depends on your imagination and your sense of fashion. The socks bring extra comfort to your feet due to the soft cotton fabric.

Different patterns make the socks cool and fun. The stretchy elastic won’t let them fall off your ankle. Wear the patterned sock with your sandals to feel more comfortable. Find the print you like on the market and enjoy your walks.

8. Socks with color gradient

Quick details:

  • High content of quality cotton
  • Multiple colors in a pack
  • Suitable for all seasons

If you don’t like the idea of printed socks, we recommend purchasing a pair of socks with a gradient. You can select the colors that match your entire look or pick a completely different shade of the sock to finalize your whole appearance with sandals.

These socks will remove even minimal discomfort, as the fabric they are made of is soft and breathable. The socks are perfect for everyday use. They are also universal and will suit men and women. A great addition to any fashion idea you might have.

9. Extra long socks

Quick details:

  • Over-the-knee style
  • Extra long thigh garter
  • Various wear ways

These socks are perfect for matching with a short skirt or a dress. Specifically extended thigh garter will not allow the socks to slip down. Extra true comfort due to thick material won’t leave you indifferent.

Of course, there are several ways you can wear socks. You can scrunch them or pull them all the way up to your thigh. You will love this type of fashionable socks, and they will definitely find their spots in your wardrobe.

10. Knitted socks

Quick details:

  • One size fits most women
  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Perfect for winter

There are so many colors and different kind of patterns that it will be difficult to choose the pair to suit your dress. Not only do they give you a stylish look, but also provide warmth and comfort on cold days.

Long socks will make you look taller. The soft elastic won’t suffocate your thighs. The socks can be worn scrunched, depending on the appearance you want to achieve.

FAQs: Best socks for Birkenstocks

Will Birkenstocks break in with socks?

It is advisable to wear socks with Birkenstocks when you need to stretch them a bit, as cork shoes can be tough at times. Wearing socks with sandals will also prevent blisters at first.

What socks to wear with Birkenstock Bostons?

Wearing socks with shoes can bring a new look to your appearance. Choose a cotton pair of socks to wear throughout the year.

Why are you not supposed to get Birkenstocks wet?

If you wear your Birkenstocks on a rainy day it might damage the shoes as they aren’t designed to be immersed in water.

Are Birkenstocks the best for feet?

Birkenstocks are suitable for most people. They are made in a way to support feet and relieve pain when walking for long distances.

To summarize: Best socks for Birkenstocks

What is the Best socks for Birkenstocks? Socks are the perfect accessory to any type of Birkenstocks. Not only do they provide comfort in a cold season, but also suit the modern fashion of wearing socks with sandals. Hopefully, this guide was helpful, and you were able to pick the types of socks suitable for your outfit and the occasion.

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