8 Common Types of Insoles in 2023

Types of Insoles


Just as you need to have different shoes for each activity, insoles have to be chosen accordingly as well. In my opinion, having the right insole is even more important, otherwise, it would not only be uncomfortable but injurious as well.

Understanding the need, various types of insoles are designed, manufactured, and made available every single day.

Each insole is crafted to provide extra support and cushioning for a specific purpose. Therefore, the insoles can not just be bought judging by their prices. 

Since the insole is a necessity, therefore, it’s the need of the hour to know what an insole is, how many types of insoles are available, what these insoles are made for, and how they help us.

It will help you find the right insole for the right occasion. As we have decided to get ourselves enlightened with the types of insoles available, let’s get to the point;

Types of Insoles

The insole, footbed, can be defined as a contoured insert that is added to the shoe to improve comfort and fit. Insoles come in a variety of types. However, the most common ones are the following;

  • Athletic insoles
  • Insulating insoles
  • Moldable insoles
  • Cushioned insoles
  • High heel insoles
  • Heavy-duty insoles
  • High arch insoles
  • Kids insoles
  • Magnetic insoles

Athletic insoles

As the name suggests, Athletic insoles are the insoles designed and crafted to boost the athletes’ performance and heal injuries.

These insoles are not like ordinary insoles. Therefore, they are usually more comfortable, durable, and expensive. 

The Athletic insoles boost the athlete’s performance by offering greater balance and stability. As each athlete’s requirement is different, Athletic insoles come in a variety of types. Use Aetrex Insoles as the best type.

Some have more padding, some provide better insulation, and a few Athletic insoles are rigid. The athletic insoles suit beginners and advanced athletes. They do not do well for regular use.

Insulating insoles

Insulating insoles are the most common type of insole. These insoles are made for none other purpose but to regulate the temperature and provide insulation to your feet in winter.

The insulating insoles are usually made of wool, therefore, they are exceptional in regulating the temperature. Besides providing warmth in the winter, they happen to be effective in keeping the feet cool in summer as well. 

The insulating heels are truly versatile, they can be inserted into any shoe to regulate the temperature and improve comfort.

Most people pair insulating insoles with hiking shoes to make hiking shoes more suitable for the job.

Moldable insoles

The moldable insoles are the most forgiving type of insole that suits both people with special and ordinary needs.

These insoles are not anything like regular insoles. It is the same insoles that are heated in the oven, cool down to stand and contour to the shape of feet. 

These insoles are more comfortable than most insoles, what’s more, convincing is that they do not require time to contour and provide comfort to the feet.

Moldable insoles are for regular use; they can neither help with any medical condition nor support you in athletic activities.

Therefore even if they get contoured to the shape of feet, get medical aid for the collapsed arch, heel spurs, and poor pronation.

Cushioned insoles

Cushioned insoles do not need any introduction. These insoles are designed and crafted to offer superior cushioning to the feet during any sort of high-demanding activity.

The cushioned insoles are breathtakingly comfortable but shock absorbing. Therefore, they are mostly preferred by joggers and runners like memory foam insoles.

People suffering from pain and swelling also find the cushioned insoles relieving. These insoles can not be an ultimate treatment for pain and swelling. However, they are excellent in giving the wearer temporary relief.

Cushioned insoles are all rewarding but there is one thing that makes these insoles undesirable; weight. The cushioned insoles contain foam or gel. The foam/gel padding makes them slightly heavier than the other types. Therefore, they can not be worn for a prolonged period. 

High heel insoles

High heel insoles are not like any of the other insole types. It is not made to provide comfort but to improve the height a little. The high heel insoles improve the wearer’s height by keeping the feet in an unnatural position. Most of the steel toe insoles fall under this category.

It is often considered by women; especially models. However, they are not healthy. Frequent use can harm the wearer. Most users have complained about them causing ankle and back pain.

Heavy-duty insoles

Heavy-duty insoles are sketched and crafted for physically demanding jobs. These insoles are generally expensive but worth every penny.

The heavy-duty insoles provide comfort, support, and everything else people usually look for. 

These insoles are lightweight and comfortable at the same time. Therefore, they are most suitable for prolonged use.

Lastly, it’s important to mention here that the heavy-duty insoles are truly versatile. Even though they are specifically designed for workers, however, these insoles are equally suitable for other people as well.

High arch insoles

High arch insoles are introduced to target people with high arch issues. A high arch is an uncomfortable condition in which the foot is slightly more pronounced than the usual that it does not touch the ground.

A high arch is treatable. However, the treatment takes some time. Therefore high arch insoles are made to make the condition slightly less comfortable during that time. Since it is designed to target people with high arch issues, these insoles do not work for any other purpose.

Magnetic insoles

The last but not the least type of insole is the Magnetic insole. Magnetic insoles happen to be the most preferred type of insoles for regular use and the treatment of various medical issues.

These insoles are effective in relieving pain, swelling, and healing injuries. The magnet insoles have got no magic, they improve the wearer’s condition by improving blood circulation. Besides giving relief to the pain and swelling, the magnetic insoles keep the feet healthy.

These were types of insoles that have been helping us in carrying day to day activities. There might be some more types as well but they are yet to be found and introduced well.


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