How Much Do Custom-Made Insoles Cost?

Custom-Made Insoles Cost


Insoles are a great way to make an oversized/uncomfortable shoe fit well. More than a hundred types of insoles are available in the market to help people march in comfortably.

Each type of insole is designed and engineered to serve one or two purposes. Almost for each uncomfortable shoe or foot situation, there is an insole.

Still, some cases require custom-made insoles. Sometimes, we also prefer a custom-made insole instead of a ready-made one.

It is because the custom-made insoles are breathtakingly more rewarding and comfortable than the regular ones.

However, the only issue is that the custom-made insoles are a bit expensive. Generally, not that expensive that they would burn a hole in your pocket but slightly more expensive than the regular ones.

How Much Do Custom-Made Insoles Cost?

Since your requirements are different, therefore it can not be told how much “exactly” the insoles cost.

It would be somewhere around $200 to $800. If you do not have a very unusual requirement, the insoles would be done for $300. However, if the case is unique expect to pay more.

Yes! Custom-made insoles are slightly expensive

There would hardly be a case that might get done under $200. Usually, we get charged somewhere around $300 to $600.

The ready-made insoles like chuck Taylors are comparatively cheap, generally costing $17 to $100. So if you can find a suitable ready-made insole, do not go for customization.

As it is the most expensive solution. Try customizing your insoles only when you have got no other option.

Why are Custom-Made Insoles Expensive?

Well, it’s pretty obvious why custom-made insoles are expensive. It requires the manufacturer to go out of the way to manufacture insoles. The insoles are expensive because of 4 major reasons;

  • Special examination
  • Special manufacturing process
  • Material
  • Labour

Special examination

Whether your case is breathtakingly or slightly different from the regular insoles, you will be requested to show up for a special examination.

Since the workers would be sacrificing their time in taking your measurements and requirements into account, the company quite has a fair reason to charge a special price.

Special manufacturing process

The case is different from the regular cases, sometimes special equipment or a manufacturing unit is required. Therefore, the regular and the special cases can not be of the same price.


It’s an unusual situation. The company may or may not have to order a material that is not normally used.

If the company has to order a special material, the price of the custom-made insole would “definitely” go up. However if it can be done with a regular material, the insoles would still be expensive; slightly more expensive than the regular ones.


Sometimes for such an unusual situation, specially trained labor is required or labor is to be paid extra. Therefore, the company has no choice but to cover all the expenses.


In brief, the insoles are a great way to make an unsuitable/uncomfortable shoe fit well. That’s a cheap solution as well. However, some conditions demand you to get custom-made insoles. The custom-made insoles are slightly more expensive than the regular ones, generally costing around $200 to $800.


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