Do Gel Shoe Insoles Work?

Do Gel Shoe Insoles Work


Unlike rigid insoles, gel shoe insoles are more comfortable to wear. Although every type of insoles serves a different purpose, gel inserts are developed specifically for enhancing comfort while providing much-needed support.

As you step, the massaging gel inside provides the optimal cushioning and shock absorption. Despite all the benefits, many people are skeptical about using insoles and may deem them to be an ‘unnecessary’ accessory.

Many people have questioned the working of an insole and whether they help relieve achy feet. Read on to know how to gel insoles reduce pain and allow proper foot alignment.

Do Gel Shoe Insoles Work?

Yes, these insoles work and people feel more productive due to the all-day comfort provided by them.

It reduces fatigue and strain as well as helps you stay on your feet for longer. Multiple layers of gel act as shock absorbers for optimal comfort.

Depending on the purpose and construction of gel insoles, they either provide simple cushioning or ensure a massaging effect while walking.

They absorb the natural impact and prevent jarring to keep the skeletal structure in proper alignment.

Most shoes come with a cushioning insole which loses its effectiveness over time. Hence, adding a shoe insert allows better support and impact absorption than a traditional insole.

Mostly, these insoles are recommended for individuals who have to walk on hard surfaces like concrete most part of the day.

Are Gel Shoe Insoles Good For Your Feet?

Gel shoe insoles are designed to provide maximum stability with no discomfort. On the whole, they are good for the feet if properly fit and of the right design. Gel inserts reduce the impact of any physical activity and improve your performance simultaneously.

The firmer gel layer provides the best support to the heel and the arch while relieving stress associated with walking.

Are Gel Shoe Inserts Good For Walking?

They are durable, resist compression, and provide adequate shock absorption for maximum support and stability.

On the downside, they are not lightweight and add more weight to the boots. Moreover, they are not very breathable and do not have moisture-wicking properties.

It is helpful for people doing long-standing work on hard surfaces. If we ignore the heavier build, they offer comfort and cushioning while walking. It depends on the insole build and individual whether or not they find them comfortable for walking.

Massaging Effects of Gel Insoles

It is quite common for gel insoles to be advertised as massaging insoles. As the name implies, massaging gel insoles provide therapeutic padding while walking, running, or doing intense physical activity.

Not only do they offer protection against shock but they also help relieve the pain in the balls and heels of the feet. The gentle movement of the gel as you walk massages the feet by reducing stress on the joints.


The market is filled with several types of insoles, you have to experiment and try different ones to see which one works. Gel insoles are designed for a specific purpose, to absorb impact. Therefore, choose the right type and design according to your requirements.


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