Birkenstock Lugano Review in 2023

Birkenstock Lugano Review


Birkenstock Lugano Review… Surprised by the hype of Birkenstock Lugano? Almost everyone who has never really tried these sandals can easily think why is everyone into Lugano these days.

Birkenstocks come in many styles and just like regular shoes their styles come and go. However, Lugano became a hit the day it arrived and has been ruling millions of hearts ever since.

Have you ever wondered what made these sandals so popular? I bet you have. If you’ve seen these sandals everyone is wearing and talking about, I can tell you with confidence that you must be thinking about them.

Birkenstocks are known to be very comfortable and durable but there must be something about these Luganos that makes them rule every heart. I bought and tested these sandals to find out the reason for their popularity. Let’s review these sandals and try to find out the reason behind their popularity;

Birkenstock Lugano Review
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The Birkenstock Luganos are styled with four crisscross straps, a classic nubuck slide, and a buckle.

This gives these Birkenstocks a very stylish appearance. What I have come to understand after buying, using, and observing these sandals is their appearance is the reason for Luganos’ popularity.

The Birkenstock Luganos is quite different from all other Birkenstock styles and looks great when worn. This became the reason for their popularity.


The Birkenstock Luganos are usually constructed of leather. Genuine or high-quality synthetic leather is used, this makes these Birkenstocks even more durable than the regular ones.

The Birkenstock Lugaons generally have oiled leather, suede footbed lining, anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed, and EVA sole.

As you see, all of this style appears quite thoughtful. It makes sense why these Birkenstocks have remained unbeatable so far.


The Birkenstock Luganos are not made for any one gender, rather, they are designed to be worn by both men and women.

If seen, Luganos are more popular among men than women. Lugano is popular among men because they go with all their casual outfits easily. However, it is a bit difficult to style women’s outfits. Maybe that’s why we see more men wearing these Birkenstock Lugano.

It’s important to mention here that these sandals have been serving both men and women without any discrimination.

They are equally useful for both genders. Just because we see more men wearing Lugano does not mean they are not capable of serving women.


Like all other sandals, these Birkenstocks are also very comfortable and admirable. Many people do not understand that the Birkenstock Lugano requires you to break in to become the most comfortable sandals you have ever owned. So, you have to put up with these sandals for the first few times.

Once these Birkenstock get contoured, they will become highly comfortable. If you have put these sandals away because of discomfort, pick them up again, and try to break them in they will soon become the most comfortable shoes you own.


These Sandals are patented as “Birkenstock” therefore they are quite as durable as the other Birkenstock sandals. Just like the other Birkenstock sandals, The durability of these sandals can not be doubted. If you wear, store, and kept away from heat, Birkenstock would last years with you.


The price of these Birkenstock sandals is more or less the same as other Birkenstock sandals. The listed price of the pairs is somewhere between $45 to $140. Because these sandals are durable and comfortable, I do not think this price is very high.

FAQs: Birkenstock Lugano Review

Are Lugano Birkenstocks comfortable?

Birkenstock Lugano sandals are generally known for their comfort. They feature the brand’s signature contoured footbed that molds to the shape of your feet, providing excellent arch support and cushioning, making them a comfortable choice for many wearers.

Which model of Birkenstock is best?

The best model of Birkenstock sandals depends on individual preferences and needs, as the brand offers a wide range of styles with varying levels of support and design. It’s advisable to try different models and choose the one that offers the best fit, comfort, and style for your specific requirements.

Are Birkenstock Lugano unisex?

Yes, Birkenstock Lugano sandals are designed as a unisex model, suitable for both men and women.

Which Birkenstocks are most durable?

Birkenstock Arizona sandals are often considered some of the most durable within the Birkenstock lineup, thanks to their classic design, quality materials, and sturdy construction.

Conclusion: Birkenstock Lugano Review

Birkenstock Lugano Review… Birkenstock Luganos get a yay if you are a fan of these Weird-cool Birkenstock sandals. However if you do not like Birkenstocks for any reason, this might fail to impress you as well.


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