Is Birkenstock Unisex?

Is Birkenstock Unisex?


Is Birkenstock Unisex? Have you been noticing your friends switching to Birkenstock sandals lately? I bet you have. Though these sandals have been around for many years, however, from the last few years more and more men and women grew to become Birkenstock lovers.

This can almost make anyone wonder what’s so special about them. Well, most people concluded that Birkenstocks are popular because they can effortlessly be styled with any casual outfit by both men and women.

Is it another way of saying that the Birkenstocks are versatile and unisex? I strongly agree that Birkenstocks are versatile but are they for both genders? Let’s find out;

Is Birkenstock Unisex?
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Are Birkenstocks Unisex?

The most appropriate answer to the question are Birkenstock unisex is that no, all Birkenstocks are not unisex at all.

Men have bigger and wider feet as compared to women. Moreover, the styles of their shoes are “completely” opposite as well. Therefore, there can hardly be some shoes that fit and serve both genders equally. That’s the major reason why all Birkenstocks are not unisex.

If Birkenstocks are not unisex, which gender are they for?

If you read the above-mentioned statement again, it says “all Birkenstocks are not unisex”. It means that some Birkenstocks are unisex and few are not. Since there are either shoes for men or women, therefore, the rest of the styles are for men or women.

If you take a look around, these sandals are equally popular among men and women. If they are made to serve any of the two genders, Birkenstocks would have been a go-to choice for that gender only

Most other Birkenstock sandals are for women

Though, it has not been mentioned by the company whether it is into making women’s or men’s shoes. However, if we examine all the Birkenstocks carefully, it’s quite obvious that most of the other Birkenstocks are made to serve women.

Quite a few Birkenstocks have feminine designs, the rest can be worn by men if their size is available. The beauty of these weird-cool sandals is that they do not look odd on any gender.

company claims one style to be truly “unisex”;

On Birkenstock’s website, the company has answered this question (are Birkenstock unisex?). In the answer, the company has claimed that the few styles are unisex. However, it has mentioned one to be a true unisex style. It’s Arizona and some like Birkenstock Lugano.

Arizona has two straps that are embellished with buckles. It comes in almost all women’s and men’s sizes and can easily be noticed by both men and women styling them with their casual outfits.

If we put everything aside, Birkenstocks are demanded by both men and women;
Whether Birkenstock sandals are for men, women, or even unisex, these shoes are equally popular among both genders.

Surprisingly, both men and women demand Birkenstocks for the same reasons; mainly arch support and style.

FAQs: Is Birkenstock Unisex?

Are men’s and women’s Birkenstocks the same size?

Men’s and women’s Birkenstocks are not typically the same size. Birkenstock uses different size scales for men’s and women’s footwear. A men’s size is usually larger than the corresponding women’s size, so it’s important to consult the brand’s size conversion chart to find the right fit when purchasing Birkenstock sandals or shoes.

Can men wear Birkenstocks?

Yes, men can absolutely wear Birkenstocks. Birkenstock offers a wide range of styles and designs suitable for men, including sandals, clogs, and shoes. Many men find Birkenstocks to be comfortable and stylish footwear options for various occasions.

Are all Birkenstock Boston unisex?

Yes, the Birkenstock Boston clogs are considered unisex. They are designed to be worn by individuals of any gender and are available in a range of sizes to accommodate different foot shapes and sizes. These clogs are a popular choice for their comfort and versatility.

Can everyone wear Birkenstocks?

While Birkenstocks are known for their comfort and support, not everyone may find them suitable. Individuals with specific foot conditions or those who require customized orthotic support should consult with a healthcare professional before wearing Birkenstocks or any other footwear. It’s essential to choose footwear that aligns with your specific foot needs and comfort preferences.

Conclusion: Is Birkenstock Unisex?

Is Birkenstock Unisex? In brief, The entire Birkenstock stock is not unisex. Some of the styles are unisex and the others are for either men or women.

Most of the other Birkenstocks are designed and crafted for women. Arizona Birkenstock is a true unisex sandal. There are a few more as well, however, no other style can serve both genders the same way as this one does.

Even if the Birkenstocks are not unisex, there hardly would be a Birkenstock sandal that has a very feminine design.


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