Pure Insoles Review in 2023

Pure Insoles Review


Ever since people started understanding that insoles enhance the comfort level of your shoe, prevent blisters, irritation, and discomfort, improve posture, provide arch support, reduce muscle fatigue, and improve heel cushioning, the demand for insoles has increased to an insane extent.

Seeing the demand, more and more companies are beginning to manufacture and offer the insoles at the fairest prices.

What now happens is that the insoles are easily available. However, it has gotten hard for a common man to pick the right option as when you search for an insole you get thousands of options.

Pure Insoles is one insole manufacturing company that has managed to win millions of people’s hearts.

It made me curious about what makes the Pure Insoles so popular. My recent thorough research and the insoles examination revealed the following facts;

Pure Insoles Review 

If we judge the Pure Insoles by their appearance, they are very well designed. The design is self-explanatory, even a naive can tell what the insoles are for.

Since this is just a general review it’s not possible to write about the design more specifically. However, the Pure Insoles designs can be rated and they get 7/10.


Like every insole manufacturing company out there, Pure Insoles have also tried manufacturing the Insoles while keeping foot conditions in mind.

The Pure Insoles insoles are made to enhance comfort, maintain balance and reduce pain. However, they can not reduce the shoe size.


As I’m writing about insoles these days, I have tried a lot of insoles to write the most genuine review.

After using the Pure Insoles I have figured out that these insoles can help with foot pain. It is because the insoles have about 400 acupoints.

These acupoints target certain points of your foot to increase comfort, and blood circulation and reduce pain.

To be more specific, there are large, medium, and micro acupoints. The large ones are for your foot’s arch, medium for general massage and soothing, and micro ones increase circulation.

Moreover, the Pure Insoles contains five magnetite magnets. These magnets are placed on the key reflex acupoints that improve the foot condition through magnetic waves.

Though, a layer in a shoe can not completely cure foot, knee, leg, or back pain. However, it can ease the condition or prevent it from getting worse.

The Pure Insoles can also not magically rescue you from the pain but can improve or speed up the healing process.

Ultra soft and cool

The Pure Insoles are the thinnest insoles I have ever seen. However, they are ultra-soft and cool. They make a perfect bed for the feet to rest in.

The ultra-soft nature makes these insoles perfect for demanding activities; running, jogging, and exercising.

One size fits all

The company manufactures insoles in two sizes; one for women and one for men. These insoles can be used by men having shoe sizes between 6 to 12 and women with 7 to 12. How do they fit? Well, the insoles are easy to trim. So, to make them fit you perfectly you have to trim them.


At the moment, Pure Insoles is a highly popular and reliable name. It can not be told how long it would remain so.

There might come a time a new brand begins selling an improved version and succeeds in winning our hearts. However, so far, the Pure Insoles are ruling millions of hearts.


The Pure Insoles are not regular insoles made to reduce room in the shoe. These insoles are rather manufactured to give comfort and relief by massaging through acupoints or using magnetic waves. Therefore, the company has got fair reasons to sell the insoles at higher prices. If we get a little specific, the insoles are sold somewhere between $80 to $100.


In brief, Pure Insoles is a well-known Insoles manufacturing company. It offers one-size-fits-all soft yet cool insoles that enhance comfort, maintain balance and reduce pain. These insoles have acupoints and magnets that massage and ease the pain using magnetic waves. These insoles have not proven to cure the pain. However, they have helped in easing up the foot condition. These insoles are a bit expensive. One pair is being sold somewhere between $80 to $100.


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