Can You Put Two Insoles in Shoes?

Can You Put Two Insoles in Shoes


Can You Put Two Insoles in Shoes? People who suffer from mild foot pain or discomfort often choose to get their shoes fitted with orthotics in order to alleviate the discomfort. This is oftentimes due to an issue, like wearing the wrong type for too long without any relief- which can lead you down a slippery slope into a serious injury.

Yes, you can use two insoles in shoes if required. Shoes with insoles are more comfortable and can be adjusted to fit correctly. You may add more insoles if you feel comfortable doing so.

Why Do People Put Two Insoles in Shoes?

There are various reasons that people use two insoles in the same shoes.

Arch Support

People with sensitive feet need extra help to prevent blisters. To achieve this, they can wear two types of insoles in their shoes: arch support for when you’re on flat surfaces and insulation against painful pressure points that are common during exercise or long-term use; these will keep your bottom from getting red hot due to friction.

Athletes often require special inserts because it’s hard enough at the best of times to try not only to maintain balance but also stop yourself from falling over.

Can You Put Two Insoles in Shoes
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Pregnant Women

If you’re experiencing foot pain, it might be a good idea for people with the condition to purchase additional insoles and put them into their shoes. 

People with arthritis or pregnant women who need extra support due to the increased comfort levels during pregnancy may also want foam in their shoes.

Pregnancy can sometimes bring about discomfort such as lower back problems because of all the weight gain typically experienced during this time period; however, there are ways around these issues such as purchasing an extra insole to get a proper cushion in shoes.

Hard Existing Insole

There are many boots brands like Crispi boots that provide non-removable insoles which may be hard leather insoles that are not good in comfort. It is better to use another insole for comfit in this situation. These hard insoles are not washable.


In addition to adding volume to the shoe, each insole will make slipping your foot into it more difficult. Blisters can result from wearing tight shoes because your feet need space to breathe and expand. I recommend finding an insole that meets your specific needs. 

FAQs: Can You Put Two Insoles in Shoes?

Can you wear two insoles in shoes?

Wearing two insoles in a single pair of shoes is generally not recommended. It can lead to an uncomfortable fit, potentially causing foot pain, instability, and reduced support. If you require additional cushioning or support, it’s often better to invest in orthotic insoles specifically designed to meet your needs or consult with a podiatrist for personalized guidance.

Is it safe to wear two insoles?

Wearing two insoles in your shoes is generally not recommended, as it can affect the fit and comfort of your footwear. This can lead to discomfort, instability, and even potential foot problems. It’s best to select one pair of insoles that suit your specific needs or consult with a healthcare professional for guidance on custom orthotics if necessary.

Can you put insoles on top of insoles?

Placing insoles on top of existing insoles is not generally recommended, as it can compromise the fit and comfort of your shoes and lead to instability. Instead, it’s advisable to replace the existing insoles with new ones designed to address your specific needs and provide the necessary support and cushioning.

Is it OK to wear one insole?

Wearing one insole can be perfectly fine and is often recommended for individuals seeking additional support or comfort in their shoes. The choice to use a single insole is based on personal needs, and many people find it beneficial for addressing various foot-related issues or simply enhancing the comfort of their footwear.

Conclusion: Can You Put Two Insoles in Shoes?

Can You Put Two Insoles in Shoes? So the answer to the question is Yes you can use two insoles in one shoe. However, there are many factors mentioned above to their usage and how it can be effective.


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