Can You Wear Sandals to a Wedding?

Can You Wear Sandals to a Wedding


Can You Wear Sandals to a Wedding? If you have RSVP’d yes for a friend or family member’s upcoming wedding, choosing a dress and footwear is a fashionable catch-22. Today, wedding guests have more freedom with style as weddings have fewer and fewer fashion rules now.

However, that does not mean you can whip out any outfit and wear it to the wedding. It requires a little more outfit planning depending on the venue, weather, and time.

Before going to the wedding, it is important to know the dos and dont’s of the wedding attire. The primary focus should be on footwear, many people struggle to choose the right shoes and work out whether or not to wear sandals to a wedding.

Can You Wear Sandals to a Wedding?

Yes, you can wear sandals to a wedding, To answer your question about whether or not it is okay to wear sandals to a wedding depends on a number of factors. The choice of footwear is influenced by what kind of wedding you are attending; church, beach, forest, indoor, or outdoor.

Pairing a flowy floral dress with a lace-up sandal is an unquestionably comfortable choice for a beach or seaside wedding.

Moreover, if you are planning to dance the night away, sandals would go great with a simple gown and carry you through the day in style and comfort, from ceremony to dancefloor.

Can You Wear Sandals to a Wedding
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Why You Should Wear Sandals to a Wedding?

Be it a bridal shower or wedding, the sandal looks great on everyone and every occasion.

Wearing Sandals Show Respect Towards Bride/Groom

If there is no dress code, you can experiment with the look by trying daring combos. Wearing sandals is a way of showing respect to the bride and groom by not overdressing with extravagant clothing and footwear.

Choosing high-heeled pumps or boots sends a message that you value yourself above others and want to steal the limelight from the bride and groom.

When Other Wedding Guests Would be Wearing Sandals as well

If it is a summer beach wedding, most likely, other guests would also be wearing sandals. Sandals would provide plenty of support and comfort if you plan to dance to the tunes after the ceremony. Next day, you would not have to complain bitterly about how sore your feet are.

It is a Practical Option

Sandals are easier on the eyes, provide better grip, and allow greater freedom of movement for walking around and dancing purposes. Wearing a nice pair of sandals will help you dance for hours without hurting your feet. However, wearing sandals with tights is not a good option.

Sandal Shopping Tips

It is quite easy to find loads of cute and stylish cheap 50$ sandals online with different styles and features. You will find plenty of casual yet stylish options that look classy enough for a wedding.

FAQ: Can You Wear Sandals to a Wedding?

Are flat sandals OK for wedding?

Flat sandals can be appropriate for certain wedding settings, such as casual beach weddings or rustic outdoor ceremonies. However, for formal or traditional weddings, it’s advisable to opt for more dressy footwear, like heeled sandals or closed-toe shoes, to align with the overall elegance and formality of the occasion.

Can you wear sandals with wedding dress?

Yes, you can wear sandals with a wedding dress, especially if you’re going for a more relaxed and bohemian bridal look. There are many bridal sandal options available, from embellished and lace designs to simple and elegant styles, allowing brides to achieve comfort and style simultaneously.

Can you wear nice flip-flops to a wedding?

While some casual weddings, like beach or backyard ceremonies, may permit nice flip-flops, it’s essential to check the dress code specified by the couple. If the invitation calls for formal or semi-formal attire, it’s best to opt for more traditional and dressy footwear, as flip-flops may not be considered appropriate for such occasions.

Can you wear dressy flip-flops to a wedding?

Dressy flip-flops, adorned with embellishments like rhinestones or metallic accents, can be suitable for certain wedding settings, such as beach weddings or casual outdoor ceremonies. However, for formal or traditional weddings, it’s recommended to choose more formal footwear, like heeled sandals or closed-toe shoes, to align with the event’s formality and attire expectations.


Can You Wear Sandals to a Wedding? Wearing sandals to a casual, beach wedding is totally fine and socially acceptable. For a formal wedding, a pair of black stilettos would be a smarter option.


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