How much do Birkenstocks weigh? Get a detailed answer

How much do birkenstocks weigh? 4 best styles described


People select Birkenstock sandals for their exceptional comfort and unique style. Have you ever wondered what is Birkenstock shoes’ weight, though?

It all depends on the model you wear, the size of your foot, and the material shoes are made out of.

In this article, we have summarized the main information and will tell you how much do Birkenstocks weigh. These details will be quite helpful when you are going to pack up your bags when going on holiday.

How much do Birkenstocks weigh?

It is now time to answer a simple question of how much do Birkenstocks weigh. It is needless to say, different styles of Birkenstock shoes are made of different synthetic materials and thick leather. That affects the final weight of your sandals. Both types of materials provide exceptional comfort to your feet.

Birkenstock sandals typically have massive Eva or cork soles. The styles, designs, and selection of colors vary.

On average, a pair of Birkenstock sandals weigh about ten to twelve ounces.

Birkenstock EVA sandals weigh slightly less than natural leather Birkenstock sandals with contoured footbed. That is due to the EVA flexible material being lightweight. They are usually water-resistant, which is ideal for beach walks.

You also have to remember that the final weight of your Birkenstock footwear will depend on your sizing as well. The bigger the foot, the heavier the sandal will be.

What is the weight of Birkenstock Arizona sandals?

Birkenstocks Arizona birko flor are made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) material. Such Birkenstocks Arizona EVA birko flor footwear will be lightweight. The weight can be anything from 1.40 to 1.45 pounds. The weight will increase if you choose a model with a thicker sole.

Bigger sizes will add extra ounces to the total weight. If Birkenstock Arizona sandals have some straps or buckles, they will also be a bit heavier.

How much do Birkenstock Boston weigh?

Boston Birkenstocks weigh around 16 ounces. The weight varies due to several factors such as sizing and style. Boston Birkenstock sandals have a high heel which adds some ounces as well.

The synthetic contoured footbed also affects the final weight number. Even though these shoes look way heavier than Birkenstock Arizona EVA, in actual fact they are quite lightweight.

How much do Mayari Birkenstock weigh?

These are the most popular Birkenstocks on the market. They are extremely light because the sole of the shoe is made of EVA material and the upper part of the sandal is oiled leather.

This particular model comes in women’s designs only. The average weight of these Birkenstocks is roughly around 14 ounces. It slightly varies according to the size of the shoe.

How much do Gizeh Birkenstocks weigh?

These sandals are unisex and will suit both men and women. The average weight is around 0.45 lbs. Men’s shoes will be heavier than women’s because of sizing.

They are considered one of the lightest models in the Birkenstock footwear line. You can wear them anywhere. They are suitable for the beach walk, or city stroll. Your feet won’t tire due to the comfortable footbed.

The sandal has a three-inch heel, which is already included in the total weight amount. The actual sole and the upper part of the shoe are made of the Birko flor.

How much do Madrid Birkenstocks weigh?

This style Birkenstocks are made of synthetic material. That means they aren’t heavy and have quite a comfortable footbed to wear the whole day. The average weight is about 0.68 lbs, depending on the size of the sandal. The sandals with buckles will be a bit heavier by a few ounces.

Birkenstocks sandal’s average weight

Birkenstock Shoe StyleAverage Weight (lbs)

Why are Birkenstocks uncomfortable when new?

When you purchase a new pair of Birkenstocks, it might take some time for the shoe to adjust to the contour of your foot. If they feel a bit tight, try wearing them at home with socks on. It will help the leather to stretch a bit and will mold the shoe for your foot.

Usually, it takes a week for the Birkenstocks sandal to become comfortable. You can use other methods of stretching leather to speed up the process. When you buy new shoes, always make sure you choose the correct size. People with bunions need something wide, so they don’t feel pressure while walking.


How much does a BIRKENSTOCK sandal weigh?

On average, Birkenstocks weigh anywhere near two pounds. If we are talking about a pair of Birkenstock, made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), they are usually lighter than nubuck leather. The difference is not a significant one, though.

Is BIRKENSTOCK Lightweight?

All types of Birkenstock shoes are lightweight. They are designed to bring comfort to those who walk a lot.

Wearing Birkenstocks the whole day will not cause any pain or discomfort, as long as they are chosen according to your foot structure and the correct sizing.

How much do Birkenstocks Boston weigh?

Despite the fact that these shoes look big and heavy, they are just a tiny bit heavier than Eva models. All Birkenstocks shoes are made specifically to ease the pain from long walks. That is why they aren’t heavy.

On average, Boston Birkenstock weigh around eleven ounces. The final weight varies on the size of the shoe and the style you have selected.

Is original BIRKENSTOCK heavy?

That is why way to tell whether you purchased genuine Birkenstocks or not. Fake Birkenstocks will always weigh more than the original ones.

If you have bought a new pair of Birkenstocks shoes and your feet are tired at the end of the day, you should check whether they are genuine.

If you don’t purchase Birkenstocks from an official store or official representative, the chances of getting counterfeit shoes are quite high.


If you always wondered how much do Birkenstocks weigh, the answer depends on a few moments. Consider the type of model you choose, the materials of Birkenstocks, and the size you wear.

If you are wearing a pair of Birkenstocks made of leather and have buckles on their upper part, such Birkenstocks will be heavier than EVA models. The average weight is around twelve ounces.

A pair of Birkenstocks EVA sandals will be the most lightweight due to the synthetic material used. Despite the weight differences, all Birkenstocks are considered to be light to provide comfort for your feet.

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