Can I Drive in Sandals?

Can I Drive in Sandals?


Can I Drive in Sandals? It is tempting to drive in sandals, flip-flops, and slides when the temperature soars. From time to time, drivers are often reminded to not drive in inappropriate footwear. As per the survey conducted in 2010, 27% of the people faced difficulty while driving due to their choice of shoes.

Owing to the inappropriate or lack of footwear, many drivers have faced dangerous situations, lost control, or caused an accident.

When behind the wheels, foot comfort is the priority to make the entire driving experience less of a chore.

There is a divided opinion about people wearing sandals while driving, some consider sandals fit for driving while others are not in favor of this choice of footwear.

Can I Drive in Sandals?

Oftentimes, we wear footwear that’s right for the destination but not appropriate for the drive that takes us there. For as long as we can remember, there’s always been a rumor that driving in sandals is illegal.

Flip-flops or sandals are considered hazardous while driving as they have the potential to get stuck or come right off.

Sandals lacking any ankle support are highly unsafe and dangerous especially when applying brakes or gas pedals at a moment’s notice.

When it comes to driving, some sandal varieties are more unsafe than others. For instance, a driver can not rely on sandals with no strap or back support as they will most likely come off. Moreover, sandals with less secure fronts have the potential to get stuck under the pedal and may lead to unfortunate circumstances.

Can I Drive in Sandals
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Is it Illegal to Drive in Sandals?

To put an end to all rumors, it is not illegal to drive in flip-flops, sandals, or 6-inch stiletto heels, however, it is definitely not advisable. Any individual would not get arrested for entering and driving the vehicle in sandals.

As per Rule 97 of The Highway Code, before setting off, the driver should ensure that their clothing and footwear do not inhibit them from using controls in the correct manner.

If the accident occurs due to inappropriate footwear, the driver is likely to be charged with driving without due care and attention.

That being said, there is no legislation that prevents you specifically from driving in sandals. Opt for the right sandal variety with ankle support and better grip to use control pedals properly.

Potential Problems Caused by Inappropriate Sandals

  • Wearing loosely worn sandals with a less secure front can get stuck underneath the brake pedal when you move your foot to apply brakes, impacting braking and reaction time. However, you can stretch your sandals wide.
  • Sandals with poor structure will lead to improper use of the control pedals. Some sandals cause sweating.
  • Sandals with no back straps or support will likely come off, causing a distraction when you put them back on.

FAQ: Can I Drive in Sandals?

Are sandals safe for driving?

Sandals can sometimes compromise driving safety due to their design, which might slip off, catch on pedals, or reduce traction compared to closed-toe shoes. Opt for secure, well-fitted sandals without loose straps or excessive movement to minimize potential driving hazards.

Can I drive with sandals UK?

In the UK, you can legally drive wearing sandals, but it’s advised to choose sandals that provide adequate grip and ensure they don’t compromise your ability to control the pedals. Aim for sandals that securely stay on your feet and allow precise pedal operation to drive safely.

Is it legal to drive in sandals Spain?

In Spain, it’s legal to drive in sandals. However, for safety purposes, it’s recommended to wear sandals that provide stability and avoid those that impede your control over the pedals while driving.

Can you drive stick with flip-flops?

Driving a manual transmission with flip-flops can be risky as they might get caught or slip off the pedals, affecting your control over the vehicle. Closed-toe shoes or secure footwear are safer choices for driving a manual (stick shift) car.

Conclusion: Can I Drive in Sandals?

Can I Drive in Sandals? As a driver, you have the responsibility to choose the appropriate footwear to not put yourself or others at risk. As much as you love your trusty sandals, avoid wearing them if they do not provide a better grip when behind the wheel.


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